Our Members

Not limited to black owned businesses, CMBCC Member Companies represent hundreds of Charlotte area businesses – ranging in size from small and mid-market companies to Fortune 1000 corporations, government agencies and educational institutions. Our mailing list touches nearly 6,000 companies and organizations who believe in and support CMBCC, our mission and strategic goals.

Our Core Values

Our core values help to shape and align the organization with its purpose. They serve as an outline to guide the behaviors and actions of our Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and other volunteers:


The creation of a better or more effective and strategic and responsive organization, processes, products or resources.


The ability to do or perform what has been promised or committed.


The ability to promote and to create opportunities that develop access to resources and information which foster economic growth.


The responsibility for planning, developing and guiding the resources and information that empowers, promotes, advocates and sustains stakeholders economic growth.