I’ve been in business for almost 6 years now, dealing primarily with the dining industry, providing food delivery for restaurants in the Charlotte area.  But I grew up delivering fresh seafood, working in my family’s seafood delivery business in Florence, South Carolina.  The family business in Florence has been in operation for over twenty years.  I have applied many of my family’s sound business practices into starting my own business in Charlotte. 

The story of how I began my food delivery service actually began with a traumatic event.  One day in 2009, I was coming back from the grocery store to my apartment complex when I was assaulted during a robbery. The individuals who assaulted me were robbing a pizza delivery driver, and ended up targeting myself as well. Later that year, I actually had the idea for a food delivery service.  But as much as I wanted to pursue the concept, I still had second thoughts in dealing with the trauma and injuries sustained during the robbery. My father, being a businessman, said, “If you like the idea, you should go ahead and do it.”  So, I decided to not let fear hold me back.  

When I first started my business, TakeHome Delivery, we would deliver from any restaurant - Five Guys, Fuel, etc. - a service we continue to offer, but no longer promote as heavily. Eventually, customers requested an online platform and the current model is what you see as a result.   We are not a typical delivery service, and we practice what we call a “mobile waiter” concept.

With this concept, we treat our customers as “remote diners” and see our services as an extension of the restaurant.  In that regard, the TakeHome Delivery experience is comparable to the service you would receive in a brick-and-mortar establishment.

Being from a small town, my father conducts his business with old-fashioned values, based on the honor system. I know its now referred to as "innovative", but I consider his approach traditional business practices. My father understands the importance of customer service and honoring agreements -- and I’ve incorporated these principles into my business. We do business with a handshake and focus on customer service.  I love reading customer feedback that says, “Your dispatcher was so pleasant,” or “I love, Laurie,” which tells me the workers of TakeHome are providing our customers an excellent experience.

My father has since incorporated more technology into his own business like creating a website, providing online ordering, and even becoming involved with social media.   It’s been a wonderful experience going back and forth and seeing how each other operates our business, to ultimately become more successful together.

There’s a thousand innovative tech services and multiple delivery services popping up, but ours is more personal because of the influence of my father.