In boxing, the phrase “Sweet Science” was coined in the 1800’s as it acknowledges that boxers are both methodical and tough. Similar to boxing, many businesses are unable to see past the tough challenges that can aggressively knock them out, and they close their eyes to the incredible abilities of resilience. In business, resilience requires a skillful craft that involves strategy and forethought, similar to boxing.

  • What would happen if a cyber security breach knocked you out of your daily routine?
  • What impact would it have on your business to absorb a 6 figure unbudgeted expense?
  • Have you ever thought about how to measure a quick response to an event? What is your unit of measure?
  • What's the cost of being ill-informed?

Attend this panel to engage in dialogue with a diverse group of industry professionals, focusing on proactive, resilient, and rapid response within companies, who challenge their organizations to go a step beyond with active engagement and discipline.

This panel is important for every business as a crisis can happen at any company. The challenging dialogue will provide substantial value for the following roles, which are typically responsible for managing risk: executives responsible for managing risk (Chief Risk Officer’s, Chief Information Security Officers, VP’s of Corporate/Brand Crisis Communications), Business Owners, Presidents, Executive Directors, Corporate Security, Risk Management, Information Technology and Business Continuity professionals.


Michelle Boudin, Anchor Reporter – NBC Charlotte

Michelle's work as a general assignment reporter includes everything from human interest stories to politics, entertainment, education, and medical and investigative stories. As an award winning reporter, Michelle has received honors from the Associated Press, Edward R. Murrow, Radio and Television News Directors Association of the Carolinas and multiple Emmy nominations.


James Donnelly, Senior Vice President Issues and Crisis Management – Ketchum

A reputation management expert with deep experience providing trusted counsel, readiness programming, issues management, communications training and corporate public relations. James has led war rooms for some of the largest U.S. crises in the past two decades, to include banking/commerce issues, change management, data privacy, sexual assault/ harassment cases, and sports-industry crises.

Dr. Shannon Bowen, Professor – School of Journalism and Mass Communications – University of South Carolina

Dr. Bowen's research focuses on ethical decision making within the highest levels of organizations. She teaches and researches ethics across corporations, pharmaceutical firms, governmental entities and the public relations industry. Her work with Ph.D. students has led to publications and top paper awards at International Public Relations Research Council and the Public Relations Society of America.

Veronica Krepshaw, Senior Director, Corporate Business Continuity Leader, TIAA

Veronica leads the Corporate Business Continuity team including staffing, development, administrative, work distribution and balancing and performance management functions. She also leads the Crisis Management Program, working closely with Corporate Communications, the Incident Management Teams (regional and enterprise) and the trouble management teams (Corporate Security, Information Security, Fraud, Infrastructure, etc.) to respond to incidents that reach the severity level of a crisis.

Vanessa Vaughn, Founder and Resilience Officer – Asfalis

Vanessa’s background is in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, where she’s worked across all levels of government from terrorism mitigation, policy writing, to planning through public-private partnerships. In her experiences within aviation, manufacturing, retail, non-profit, and sports and entertainment environments, she assists customers with creating a culture of resilience and minimizes silos in risk.


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Event: The Sweet Science of Resilience
Date:  Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Time:  8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Place:   New Dominion Bank
1111 Metropolitan Ave #500
charlotte, nc